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MISA Frisbee End of Term Wrap-up

A new offering in the MISA competition schedule for 2019 was Ultimate Frisbee. The team were a little shaky at first with the new sport, however soon fine-tuned their skills in being a very good contender in Term 2.

Although narrowly losing our first match against Freeman, the team got better and better as the rounds progressed. In fact, the team had a convincing win against William Carey who were regarded as one of the main contenders in the competition.

Our solid efforts projected us to the top 3 of the competition. We were destined for a chance to be in the grand final. However, due to a rained-out match, the grand final game was decided upon who were in the top 2 positions. We were so close.

Nevertheless, the team should be extremely proud on their great sportsmanship. If there is one victory here, it is the fact that the team has now shown to everyone that we are a big contender for MISA’s new sport for many years to come.



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